Welcome to New Jharkhand Welfare Soceity

“Working together for the cause and care of the disadvantaged sector of the society”
New Jharkahnd Welfare Soceity is a voluntary, non – profit organization established on 6th Nov. 2007.with an aim to work for the disadvantage, deprived, section of the society. The main objective of the organization is to help people in reducing poverty and improves the quality of life in rural India. Its goal is to empower individuals and communities to take care of themselves, and eventually help them become self-sufficient.
Project & Activities
Old Age Homes
A ray of hope! A new beginning when life seems to come to an end.
Home for destitute children
Home for the destitute are set up because we believe that they are children of God. Being with them is being near God.
Shelters for Homeless
The homeless can understand the importance of home. Sharing a space with the homeless.
Short stay homes for women
Women are the backbone of the life sustaining on earth. Out of their busy schedule a little timeout in refreshing as well as indulging in productive activities make them confident too.
Pulse Polio awareness
The pulse polio campaign aims to eradicate Polio completely so that each child could stand on his feet and walk his way to success.
Skill Trainings
There is always a search for a skilled worker. Short term courses and skill training makes people empowered.
Latest News NJWS launched our facebook page
NJWS launched our facebook page Visit us at http://www.facebook.com/NewJharkhand